YouTube An Error Occurred – How To Resolve It ?

YouTube An Error Occurred – How To Resolve It ?

As flooded with innumerable users, this most popular video sharing platform has become a part of our daily schedule and we cannot think to spare a single day without it.

While watching or searching for some video on YouTube, you may confront some technical glitch like YouTube an error occurred.  Just need to check if the video is somehow uploaded with errors!

You may also need some up gradation or reinstallation. Following some basic troubleshooting, you will be able to fix it by clearing the cache or by changing the video quality.

What Triggers YouTube Errors?

This error may occur due to poor network connection or some browser-related problems, although this kind of trouble may happen in any web browser.

Sometimes the problem YouTube an error occurred may be due to the DNS change in some settings.

Some users have reported that the problem occurs in your tube flash player and once you reinstall it the problem gets cured.

Whatever may be the reason, these are quite common issues and through this article, we shall try to explore every feasible way to fix it easily and effectively.

Solution 1: Disabling Shockwave Flash

Disabling Shockwave flash is another option you may choose to combat with the YouTube an error occurred please try again the later related issue.

When you are using browser plugins, like Shockwave Flash, we suggest you update to the latest available version to solve any sort of compatibility issues.

This is a small workaround you may try by following the below-mentioned steps in  details:

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Step 1: First of all open your browser and input about: addons in the address bar.

Step 2: Now from there move on to the Plugins option and check for Shockwave Flash. From the menu displayed now, select the option – Never Activate.

Step 3: You may encounter some error and fail to complete the steps. For this, we recommend you to try it again after a while and make sure that you disable Shockwave Flash.

Solution 2:  Using The Forget About This Site Option

The remarkable simple option can fix the problem with YouTube at once. This Forget About This Site is an amazing feature of Firefox and you will be able to clear cache, cookies, or the saved passwords.

Follow the steps given below to accomplish the process:

Step 1: First of all, go to the browsing history of Firefox. Now search your history and find a YouTube link.

Step 2: Then right-click on that link and select Forget About This Site. After that give Firefox a fresh restart and play any video on YouTube.

Solution 3: Changing The DNS

When you are facing an error occurred please try again later on youtube, we recommend you to try this fix to change the DNS.

Just try changing the settings and put some default value and you will revert back to the default DNS. You may also choose to install a VPN which in turn will give you extra security and privacy.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on Network & Internet option. From there choose Change Adapter Options.

Step 2: Now search and find your Network Connection and right-click on it. From the menu bar, select Properties.

Step 3: Then from the provided list, select Internet Protocol Version 4 [TCP/IPv4] and choose Properties.

Step 4: Verify the DNS server address and proceed to set The Preferred DNS Server Address to and the Alternate DNS Server address to After you have finished doing so, hit the OK button to save the changes.

Now check whether the problem persists. This way you compel your Internet Connection to follow the DNS provided by google instead of the default one. 

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Solution 4:  Disabling Hardware Acceleration In Your Browser And Try Changing The Video Resolution

By disabling the Hardware Acceleration, you can fight back many problems as this may give birth to several other problems.

Some users have reported that this has resolved problems instantly. Follow the steps mentioned below to execute the procedure:

Step 1: Open Menu in Firefox and choose Options. Now find the Performance section from there.

Step 2: Now, uncheck the Use Recommended Performance Settings and Use Hardware Acceleration when you find them.

Step 3: After you finish the process restart your Browser and attempt to play a YouTube video.

Solution 5: Changing The Quality Of The Video

If you are still muddling with the YouTube an error has occurred, try this remarkably easy workaround.

You can change the quality of your video by selecting the Gear Icon and choose to play with another quality.

You may have to repeat this step for each video you choose to see as this is a workaround.

Solution 6: Updating The Audio Drivers

There are always the latest audio drivers available for your sound cards. Pay a visit to the website of the manufacturer or your motherboard and you will find the latest drivers.

You only need to download and install them. After you accomplish the update, check whether the issue with YouTube an error has occurred is solved. If this could not resolve your problem, try another process.

Solution 7:  Clearing Cache & Cookies

If you stack your cache with information, your system will get slower. This will generate lots of other problems along with this YouTube related issue.

By clearing these you can raise the loading time of your preferred web pages and enjoy better performance.

Step 1: Go to the Menu bar and select the Library from there. Then choose History. Now, choose Clear Recent History.

Step 2: Now select from there, the Cache And Cookies option, and press the Clear Now button.

Step 3: After you have removed Cache And Cookies, restart your browser.

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You can also choose a tool to remove cache and cookies from your browser instead. There are various available options, and you can select from there.

Solution 8 – Check That The Cookies Are Enabled

If your Cookies are disabled somehow, enable it to resolve the problem while playing your YouTube Video.

Here I am providing you the steps to enable the cookies:

Step 1: Go to the menu option of the browser and select Settings. Now click on the Advanced option.

Step 2: Visit the Privacy And Security Section and choose Content Settings. Now search and find Cookies And Other Sites.

Step 3: Now block the Third-Party Cookies setting and check that it is disabled.

After you have finished the process, check whether you can play the videos on You Tube.

Solution 9: Connecting Headphones Or Speakers To The Device

Sometimes this simple unusual trick may fix your problem while playing YouTube videos.

Simply plug in your headphones or speakers to your Device when you are playing your preferred YouTube videos.

You may have a built-in speaker, in this case, connect the headphones to solve the problem. In the taskbar, you will get a red cross sign. Check it and connect the speakers or headphones and play your video.

Solution 10:  Uninstalling or Repairing Your Antivirus software

Some problems in your antivirus may trigger the YouTube error, so some users have reported that by repairing or uninstalling them, they could fix the issue.

First, try to repair the software but if you still see that the issue persists go for uninstallation. You can also find a solution by a simple update of the software to the latest version.

You may also try to use another antivirus instead and check whether the issue is solved this way!

Solution 11:  Uninstalling And Reinstalling The Browser

This is a very common procedure to uninstall and then reinstall the browser in order to fix the error that occurred during watching our favorite YouTube Video.

Some users have reported being successful to address the YouTube error after they tried this measure.

While you uninstall your browser, it will delete all the history, cookies, or passwords. After you have successfully uninstalled the browser, proceed to reinstall it. Hope after that your problem with be solved.

Winding Up

Hope this article helped you to address the youtube an error occurred error and you are able to continue with your favorite videos.

You are welcome with other issues or remedies. Feel free to share them in the comment zone provided or shoot us a mail.

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