What Are The Best Emulators For Nvidia Shield Tv?

What Are The Best Emulators For Nvidia Shield Tv?

You can select from a large number of Nvidia Shield Emulators according to your choice and needs. You will get a wide variety of options for the emulator software packages which are harmonious for the Nvidia Shield TV.

This software is mostly capable of emulating a large variety of gaming consoles. We will highly recommend you RetroArch or ClassicBoy for a faster gaming experience. They have a wide range of emulating capabilities for various old school gaming platforms.

For playing Sega games you may go to MD.emu or my boy! My boy, you can enjoy playing GameBoy Advance games. If you wish to emulate GameBoy Color games, we can offer you to choose My OldBoy! or PPSSPP to play classical PSP games.

Classic Console Vs Shield

Nvidia Shield Emulators are perhaps the most versatile system to add as your entertainment console.

Apart from gaming, you can enjoy watching your favorite programs, movies, or YouTube videos with SHIELD. SHIELD provides you the advantage to enjoy your games from a variety of platforms.

You are allowed not only to play your NES games, at the same time, you can also access SNES, PlayStation, Sega CD, Gameboy, etc. all from a single device!

Through this article let us enlist some best emulators for Nvidia Shield.

1) RetroArch

RetroArch, an amazing emulator comes with full compatibility for Nvidia Shield TV. You can enjoy gaming from a user-friendly interface. It organizes the collection of your favorite games on a screen you can easily access.

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You will be able to emulate a vast range of consoles with the software like -), Super Nintendo (SNES), PlayStation 1, GameBoy, and so on.

It can scan automatically and sorts out your game collections. You can run it on tablets or Android phones as well as gaming consoles such as – PSP, PS3, and others.

RetroArch provides you a much quicker response along with a huge range of customization options. Besides, it has a great app library and enables you to join various network gaming sessions. You can also enjoy recording or streaming facilities on YouTube.

2) emu

MD.emu with its great emulating and compatible features enables you to emulate Sega games. Its sound emulations are of very high quality and it can load saved states and back up.

MD.emu supports the ROM based games in .sms or .bin formats, USB gamepads & keyboards. It includes an SVP chip with a 6-button controller & 4-player multitap. Here, cheat codes also get supported with .pat file formatting.

If you want to try out this emulator and don’t have any ROMs at hand, you can try out some public domain demos and games, by clicking here.

You can easily download your preferable games to the hard-drive or USB stick and transfer the files with ease.

3) ClassicBoy

You can enjoy your old-school games with this fascinating emulator software. It has a vast range of emulating capacity not only for Nintendo games but also for Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1.

This suggests that it includes various consoles also and the refereed platforms are built-in ClassicBoy. In case you wish to emulate from the Super Nintendo platform, then we will suggest you manually download from the Plug-ins tab.

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It comes with a much user-friendly interface and you may save the progress of your game and you are allowed to resume gameplay instantly. Another interesting feature of ClassicBoy is that it allows cheating codes for all emulators and capable to perform in emulation up to 60fps. Besides you can enjoy external joystick and key mapping facilities.

4) Mupen64AE – N64

Mupen64AE is amongst the stunning emulators for Nvidia Shield TV. It is an extremely reliable, compatible emulator software including mappable buttons.

Some users have noted that games may utilize increased emulation support. N64oid can be taken as an alternative for N64 retro games on Nvidia Shield TV. It is for your kind information that the Nvidia mapper performs much better than the in-app mapper!


The PPSSPP emulator is another amazing emulator software where you can play PSP retro games.

It provides very fast action and comes with auto-mapping options. PPSSPP is compatible with a huge variety of games with high definition performance levels.

You are capable to enjoy your PSP game collection & change them into.CSO or .ISO for playing on the Shield media player. You can also transfer those to your USB storage and SD card for convenience.

6) Myboy!

Another emulator I can suggest you is My Boy which is amazingly compatible with your Nvidia Shield TV. With this useful emulator, you can emulate Game Boy Advance games much easier.

My body is capable of emulating your favorite games faster, and proves to be a great battery saver!

You are allowed emulating through cable, Bluetooth, and Wi-as well. It comes with multiline cheat codes from ActionReplay, GameShark, or CodeBreaker.

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You are allowed to save games at any time along with syncing them with Google Drive. Another feature is that My boy comes with an on-screen keyboard facility and provides a screen layout editor that customizes the size & position of the on-screen controls.

Myboy renders fascinating video filters and key-, mapping facilities and you can save the settings and choose to re-load whenever required.

In case you wish emulating GameBoy Color games, you’ll have to download the My OldBoy! emulator to enjoy the features.

Winding Up

So, there you are! Hope you got an idea of choosing the best suitable Nvidia Shield emulators for yourself.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions related to this topic, please feel free to use the dedicated section below. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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