The Default Gateway Is Not Available – How To Fix?

The Default Gateway Is Not Available – How To Fix?

In the middle of your important work you may get stuck in this annoying problem when the default gateway is not available, and you cannot access the internet.

As your default gateway enables you to communicate with the devices in a different network and because of this error, you will not get any intermediate path between them.

You get this message because of some error in your IP settings or the configuration settings.

Sometimes the incorrect settings of the router may raise the issue.

What To Do If The Default Gateway Is Not Available?

To combat with the default gateway is not available to issue, install a fresh Ethernet Driver or replace your Power Management Settings.

Changing the frequency of the wireless router or changing the power saving mode of the wireless adapter can address the issue effectively.

You can also resolve find a fix with the help of Command Prompt or as always you can check whether your antivirus has anything to do with the issue.

Whatever the reason may be, through this article let us explore some feasible ways to find a solution to the problem.

Solution 1: Make Some Changes In The Power Management Settings

Making some changes in the power management settings of the network adapter you can get an answer to the problem.

To execute the process, here I am providing you an in-depth guide. Follow the steps:

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Step 1: Hold the Windows Key and press X and open the Power User Menu. Then go to the Device Manager and open it.

Step 2: Now search and find your Network Adapter. Then double-click on it to open the Properties Window.

Step 3: Next from the displayed window, move on to the Power Management and proceed to uncheck Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power.

Step 4: After you have finished doing as per stated above, hit the OK button to save the changes.

Solution 2: Check your Ethernet Driver

When you encounter the default gateway not available error, check whether you have installed the latest available Ethernet Driver.

The outdated Driver may raise various issues along with this problem. For this visit the website of the manufacturer and check the latest available one for your Device.

 After y downloading the latest Ethernet Drivers and installing it, check whether this could resolve your problem.

Solution 3: Change The Power Options

Another solution to address the problem may be changing the saving mode of the wireless adapter.

I am describing the entire process for your convenience. Just follow the steps and check whether this solves the problem for you.

Step 1: Select Windows Key and press S to get into the Control Panel. Then choose Power Options from the provided Menu.

Step 2: From the Power Options Window, check for your current plan. Next, choose Change Settings For The Plan.

Step 3: After that select Change Advanced Power Settings.

Step 4: Search and find the Wireless Adapter Settings and make sure you set it to the Maximum Performance.

Step 5: Finally hit the Apply button and press OK to save the changes.

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Solution 4: Set The Wireless Mode

Changing the wireless mode from 802.11 b/g to 802.11g may easily fix the problem with the default gateway is not available in windows 10.

Follow the steps mentioned below to commence the process:

Step 1: Go to the Network Connections Window. By pressing Windows Key and X together. Now from the provided menu, select Network Connections.

Step 2: Locate your wireless network adapter and right-click it. Choose Properties from the menu.

Step 3: Now choose the Configure option and move on to the Advanced option to choose the Wireless Mode.

Step 4: From the menu, make sure you choose 802.11g and then press OK to save the changes made. Check whether your problem is resolved.

Solution 5: Use Command Prompt

For some users resetting the IP has solved the problem instantly.  You can easily commence the process by launching the Command Prompt and then entering the reset command.

Follow the steps given below to execute the process:

Step 1: Proceed with an elevated Command Prompt. When you have launched Command Prompt, type netsh int ip reset command and hit the button.

Step 2: After you finish the process, exit Command Prompt and then give your system a fresh restart.

Check whether this remarkably simple procedure checks the annoying issue with the default gateway.

Solution 6: Change The Channel Of The Wireless Router

The default gateway is not available in windows 10 error may occur because of the wireless channel and adapters.

For this procedure to get access to your router and then change the channel to some specific value. It’s automatic by default and you need to try different channels as well.

Follow the manual for detailed instructions on how you can change the wireless channel.

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Some users reported that along with the change of the wireless channel, they found a solution by changing the Encryption Method.

You can use the WPA-WPA2 encryption method and check whether this helps you.

If it doesn’t, switch to another method as some methods may be outdated and they will not provide you satisfactory results.

Solution 7: Check The Frequency Of The Router

Make sure you check the frequency of the wireless routers as the new ones support 5GHz.

The adapter you are using may not be able to work with this 5GHz frequency. That is why you need to change this to 2.4GHz.

Some users reported that this method worked wonders for them when they couldn’t connect to the default gateway.

You can easily find detailed information for changing the wireless frequency of the router in the provided manual.

Solution 8: Uninstall Your Firewall

Sometimes the Firewall or antivirus protection may raise an alarm as the default gateway is not available.

While you try to get connected to the server, you get blocked and receive updating errors.

You may also have issues with some ad-blockers, system cleaners, recording software, or web-optimizers.

To fix the issue, disable Windows Defender Firewall first. Here I am describing the process please follow it minutely:

Step 1: Go and hit the Start button and then choose Settings. Next move on to on Update and Security.

Step 2: From there select Windows Security. Then select Firewall and Network Protection Option.

Step 3: Now, choose your network and turn off the Firewall protection. Disable the antivirus software temporarily.

The problem with the default gateway may get triggered by your outdated drivers and wrong network configuration. So just try the above remedies to find which solution helps to fix the problem.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope you can find the answer to – the default gateway is not an available error by now.

For any related queries feel free to communicate with us by commenting in the section provided below or shoot us a mail. We look forward to hearing back from you.

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