Technological Trends in Education!

Technological Trends in Education!

Before the advent of Covid-19, technology such as IoT, Big data, and Machine learning dominated the educational sector. But this situation has swiftly undergone a tremendous change in the wake of the pandemic. Now, distance learning solutions have become the trending technology in education, stepping ahead of the pack.

It’s only natural that gadgets and programs facilitating remote learning are the most significant educational technology during a pandemic. Universities and colleges tow this lane as they look to minimize the risk of an outbreak in schools. This article provides you with helpful information on technological trends in the educational sector today.

Why Technology in Education Matters

Humans are always on the hunt for improved and more efficient methods of accomplishing tasks. Thanks to massive strides in technology, we can quickly achieve this feat, with tech providing innovative and efficient solutions to completing complex or straightforward routines. The educational sector also benefits from technological advancement, as EdTech solutions have helped improve learning efficiency and delivery.

Top Technological Trends in Education

Video-Assisted Learning

Recently, video-assisted learning has been on the rise, becoming more popular, especially with students involved in distance learning. It’s one of the most effective digital learning forms, having students learn through highly comprehensible videos. It employs digital media such as animations and PowerPoint slides to deliver knowledge to pupils.

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Employing video-assisted learning in lessons is beneficial to both scholars and teachers. It helps improve the quality of content delivery for the former while reducing the latter’s workload. Many students often go with Powerpoint presentations when submitting their work, as it’s convenient for them and their tutors. It provides a simple avenue to effectively express their thoughts and ideas using pictures, animations, videos, audio, or their combination.

Online Learning

2020 saw online learning become the top trending technology in the educational sector owing to the lockdown across major cities of the world. This tech provided an avenue to breach the gap between teachers and students while delivering high-quality education. It ranges from slide-based online activities to courses targeted at improving specific essential skills. Using digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, etc., teachers can deliver outstanding online learning experience. Students don’t have to be there in person, saving time, keeping them safe, and improving interaction.

Online education offers students the opportunity to select courses based on their preferences and include learning at their own pace. It often features a podcast, animations, video, or a combination of these three digital formats. Educators can teach multiple students using live streaming platforms such as zoom or deliver lessons through recorded methodologies. This educational trend aims to improve learning efficiency, so many tutors often have to fit their classes with Learning Management System to track their progress educationally.

Educational institutions, especially at the tertiary level, are committed to ensuring that students get high-quality learning experiences even while away from school. Online or distance education provides the resources to achieve this feat. It’s also an essential tool to achieve personalized learning, with many programs and applications providing tutors with the avenue to create content based on a student’s strengths.

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Teachers often find keeping up with their educational commitments challenging. They would have to grade students, prepare lessons, tests, and attend to their tasks. This situation has led to the need for automation, a requirement that Artificial Intelligence technologies can fill. This tech can currently handle the grading of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Educators can turn it into a powerful tool to score complete writing tests soon.

Teachers aren’t the only benefactors of AI technology; students can also join in on its perks. It can potentially provide teaching services in the absence of the former and monitor university pupils’ performance. In the event there’s an issue, it would help to notify the school administration.

Gamification of Learning

Gamification of learning describes a scenario where tutors tailor their lessons to feature gaming elements. It’s a fun way of tutoring pupils, with many educators often employing this trend when looking to introduce complex topics. One of the significant perks of gamification is its potential to increase engagement and facilitate a positive learning environment. You can have scholars play for points, forming a leaderboard, or offer special rewards to best performers.

AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual Realities are the fastest emerging technologies in education and a critical part of the learning process. It’s redefined the classroom learning experience, helping tutors to create interactive environments for efficient lesson delivery. VR and AR technology has made it possible to construct realities that remove the danger and remain immersive. Medical students can learn and develop critical surgical skills without the high risks or risks involved in such procedures.

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“We have come a long way in educational technology, especially in the aspects of AI and VR. These techs have improved learning experience and made studying complex concepts and topics more fun,” says Emily Smith, a writer at PapersOwl , one of the online writing services popular with students. “This tech resonates with pupils and tutors and makes it possible for them to express themselves conveniently. We see more students employing Powerpoint Presentations to summit their work owing to the high level of creativity it affords.”

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is an essential element in optimizing the teaching and learning process. It’s made it possible for tutors to find, measure, and highlight a scholar’s capabilities. Is your student a visual, audio, or audio-visual learner? What is their affinity for grasping specific information formats? Having such data can help you tailor lessons to match their strengths and maximize their full potential.

Final Thoughts

The Coronavirus pandemic is shaping educational trends, with educators focusing more on online education technology. This situation has led to distance learning becoming a postal face for the sector. Other trends in education also include more implementation of AI, AR, and VR, gamification, learning analytics, and more.

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