Our Profile Was Not Completely Downloaded Xbox One Error – Easy Fix

Our Profile Was Not Completely Downloaded Xbox One Error – Easy Fix

Downloading your profile on your Xbox is an amazing technique to restore your data sync between the gaming consoles to ensure the same gaming experience whenever and wherever you want.

But sometimes you get to encounter our profile was not completely downloaded Xbox one error when downloading the profile.

This error may be caused if there is any malfunction in some applications or components.

Detailed information is mentioned in the error itself and the error with the numerical code occurs within the system in different locations.

To find any ultimate solution to the technical error, some specific knowledge or software is required.

Why Can’t You Download Xbox Live Profile?

The error message our profile was not completely downloaded Xbox one error on your system denotes that there is some malfunction on your system.

This may happen due to improper installation or some failed uninstallation of software having some invalid registry entries.

The Faulty shutdown process or deletion of some system files may also be the reason for the issue. Other common factors may include bugs or virus attacks that can generate other problems too.

Whatever the reason may be, let us find some remedies to address the problem.

Solution 1: Delete Profile From All The Xbox Consoles

You may delete your profile and then again download it.  By this process you can address the can’t download Xbox live profile error.

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To execute the procedure, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit to log in.  Now from there choose My Account.

Step 2: Now move on to the Safety section and select Remove My Profile. Make sure you delete your account from all the Xbox consoles.

Step 3: Go to the Visited Console Section and choose Require Profile Download for downloading the profile once again.

Step 4: Finally proceed to download your profile again and check whether your error is addressed this way.

Solution 2:  Add A Child – Xbox Profile To Re-Associate With The Parent Account

This may be an easy solution to the sorry Xbox live profiles can’t be downloaded right now an error.

For this, you need to add a profile of a child member of your family to associate that with the parent account. Follow the steps mentioned below for your convenience:

Step 1: First of all, log in to your Microsoft Account and then visit the Family tab. Now proceed to add your preferred one member from your family.

Step 2: This time choose to Add a child from your family. Enter the email address of the child member to get associated with the parent account.

Step 3: Now, press Send an Invite. Then log out of your account and try to sign in to the account of the kid.

Step 4: Next download this profile on your Xbox and check whether this process eliminates the error caused.

Solution 3: Remove Any Existing Profile

From the storage, select the existing profile and delete to combat sorry Xbox live profiles can t be downloaded right now an error.

To accomplish the process follow the instructions I am providing below.

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Step 1: Open Settings from you’re the Xbox Home Screen. Then click System.

Step 2: From System find out Storage and Profiles. Choose your Xbox profile that you wish to remove.

Step 3: Now hit the Delete button and find out the options mentioned below:

  • Delete Profile and Items – This will delete the profile along with the associated game data.
  • Delete Profile Only – This will delete the Xbox profile saving the gaming achievements.

Step 4: From here, choose Delete Profile Only and remove the profile with the help of this option.

Step 5: Sign in with the primary profile and see whether there is any improvement.

Solution 4:  Remove and Re-Install Your Account

This is another way to fix the issue if you can’t download Xbox live profile. You can simply do it from your settings.

The entire process to delete and reinstall your account is described below. Follow the steps minutely to accomplish the task:

Step 1: First of all from the Home screen open the Guide and then move on to open Settings.

Step 2: Then choose All Settings and search to find the Accounts head.

Step 3: Under this Account section, choose to Remove accounts to delete your account from there.

Step 4: Now find your account and delete it from there. After you finish, close the window.

Step 5: To reinstall your deleted account, go to the Home page and choose Add & Manage.

Step 6: Then go to Add New and this way you are adding the existing account to your console.

Step 7: Now enter the credentials – your email ID or contact number to log in to your Microsoft Account.

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Step 8: Enter the password and check the Privacy Statement box. Then move on to press the Next button.

Step 9: Choose Sign-In And Security Preferences and then press Next to proceed. Then select the Xbox button and get back to the Home Screen.

Step 10: After you finished the above-mentioned steps, navigate and find your Gamertag, and proceed to login. Hope after this you will be able to check the problem.

Solution 5: Resetting The Password

Sometimes the problem gets easily resolved by resetting your password. Once you set a new Microsoft password and then log in with it, you can check many related errors.

Follow the process to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Visit the account password reset page. Now you will be asked for and you need to choose the reason why you wish to reset your password.

Step 2: Now type the Account email ID and enter the password. Fill in any further details you are asked for.

After this select Next.  This time you need to check whether this account is yours. For this take the help of the security code.

Step 3: As soon as you enter the 4-digit security code, hit the Next button.

Now, type your newly set password and move on to the Next Button to set the password you have created.

Step 4: Finally, try to log in with your new password and verify whether this could address the issue.

Winding Up

Hope the resolutions provided could fix our profile was not completely downloaded Xbox one error with the remedies described above.

If you still have queries or issues with the related files, feel free to intimate us in the comments section or may shoot us a mail. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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