Most Useful Hacks to Research Someone You Meet Online!

Most Useful Hacks to Research Someone You Meet Online!

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world of meeting someone has changed. It started around 1991 when the Internet began going public, but in 1995 it really started taking off and people all over the world were visiting millions of websites. Ok, enough of the history of the Internet. Let’s get back to meeting people online.

There are currently about 1,500 dating apps and websites where people can meet one another, and they’re not all just for dating. There are many different websites to meet business people, potential friends, like-minded people who share common interests and many, many others. So whether you’re looking for a new friend to talk to, a date with someone that might turn into a relationship or a possible business partner, employee, client or vendor, there’s a website waiting for you to connect.

Do Some Homework

Many times you think you’ve met the guy or girl of your dreams, only to be disappointed somewhere along the way. It happens, so to protect yourself from disappointment or something far worse, do a little homework.Start by finding out who you are really communicating with.

The best way is to use Nuwber , an online tool that will reveal the true identity of the person on the other end of your conversation, just by entering his or her name, email address or phone number. You’ll get back information on their real identity, along with background data and so much more. Nuwber accesses multiple public records and can find out if they’re married, divorced or have a criminal history. It’s good to have the information before you decide to continue communicating with that person. If the person is using a fake name or providing misleading information, end any conversations and report them to the website.

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In addition to using fake names, many individuals like to use fake photos. Often they’re taken off the Internet because they make people look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine, or their actual picture will show just how old they are. Not to worry, because there are ways to check whether or not the photo is real. Use TinEye , one of the top reverse image search sites to verify the person’s image, or go to and click on the photo button to upload an image. Google will search the Internet for similar images and report back to you if it finds the image in a variety of places.

Search Social Media

Just about everyone hooks up with at least one social media site, whether it’s Facebook or some other site. That’s a good place to start, because you may be able to see their profiles, recent posts, photos and conversations with others. By reading their posts, you’ll be able to see if they’re currently in a relationship with someone else, plus upcoming travel plans and a whole lot more.

Check LinkedIn to see if they have a business profile, or are posting with others about their business. It’s just one more way to verify the information that they’ve been sharing with you is true and accurate. Learning the real identity of the person you’re communicating with is very important, as it prevents catfishing and other nefarious activity, including hacking, identity theft and so much more.

Even if you’ve searched through various social media sites, go one step further and Google the individual. Google is the “gold standard” when it comes to verifying information, and if what you’ve learned matches up in Google, you’re good to go. Here’s a tip: when searching a person’s name on Google, put quotes around the first and last name – as in, “first name last name.” By doing this, Google will narrow its search to both names, so you won’t be pulling up extraneous information.

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Here’s something else to think about: if you do your online research and check various social media sites and don’t find any information about the individual you’re planning to connect with, it’s a huge red flag. If someone has nothing to hide, there will be some type of information on the Internet about them. That might include a social media profile, an “about me” on Facebook or something the person posted somewhere along the way. If someone has taken the time and effort to remove all of the information about themself, there may be something negative that they’re trying to hide.. Beware!

Trust Your Instincts

One more thing to consider is your own feelings about someone. You can do all the research in the world, check all the profiles of a person and read about their interests and likes, but in the final analysis, you form an instinctive opinion about someone. Trust your instinct, as itr has helped you this far along and it’s a pretty good judge of people.

Some experts also advise waiting to do a deep dive on researching a person until after you’ve met, enjoyed your time and are considering pursuing a relationship. The reason – you might find something negative while searching online about that person, yet when meeting him or her you really enjoy your time. If you give things time to develop naturally, and then do your research, you won’t have many regrets.

Hopefully, whether it’s a date, a friend or a business connection you’re looking for, this information will help you find information on the person you’re interested in communicating with, and that it leads to a meaningful connection.

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