How To Fix If Xbox One Can’t Finish Multiplayer Tests?

How To Fix If Xbox One Can’t Finish Multiplayer Tests?

It is the most popular gaming console as this provides you with all the online gaming service you look for.

With such a robust gaming service like Xbox, you can enjoy gaming online, pick-up shooters, or play for long hours.

Xbox 360’s strong library is another reason to boost its popularity. It well meets the requirement of modern gamers than the other competing gaming consoles available in the market.

But sometimes you may face problems when Xbox one can’t finish multiplayer tests, and this may give birth to some additional issues.

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What Triggers Xbox One Setup Problems?

Some faulty connections may cause this Xbox one can’t finish multiplayer tests problem, so keep checking whether the connection is proper.

Sometimes there may be some issue with the network cable connection or the Xbox live services may need to be monitored.

Many users have raised another reason that is your Xbox may require one modem while it is connected to the router.

Whatever may generate the issue with the Xbox one set up a problem, through this article, we will try to address them with proper solutions. 

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Solution 1: Check The Network Cable Connection

When stuck with Xbox one setup problems, check whether your network cable is properly connected to the console so that the internet work properly. Otherwise, this will initiate other problems along with this.

To commence the process properly follow the process mentioned below:

Step 1: Remove the plug of the network cable from the backside of your console. Make sure to clean the connector of the cable and the socket. Check the cable’s connector and the socket for Xbox One console.

Step 2: Now, perform the following task depending on the network hardware.

Modem: Plug in the network cable back in the modem. Check that the cable is properly fixed there.

Router: Plug in the network cable another port. Make sure you check that it is properly set.

Check that the power cables are fixed properly into the gateway, router, or modem and the power is on. Now check the internet connection.

Solution 2: Give Your Gaming Console A Fresh Restart

When you are muddling with Xbox one can’t finish multiplayer tests, check for any sort of faulty connection, and restart the Xbox to check the issue.

When you restart your gaming console if there is any problem with the connection, it gets resolves instantly. To execute the process, follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Go to the back of your router and remove the plug of the power cable. Keep like that for a couple of minutes.

Do not perform any work in between and let it sit for at least five to ten minutes before you proceed. Then give your Xbox One console a fresh restart.

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Step 2: Now open the guide and go to settings. From there choose to Restart Console.

Step 3: When the notification is given, confirm to Restart your Xbox by pressing Yes and after the process starts, allow it to get completed properly.

Step 4: After a few minutes, when the process gets finished, plug in the modem and wait patiently till it gets started.

Next set the connection of the multiplayer once again and check if you get connected to the internet now.

Solution 3: Connect Your Xbox One To Modem

Connect your Xbox One console to the modem in case if it is somehow connected to the router.

Often there may be something wrong with the router and this way you will be able to check it.

Make sure you check that the multiplayer on your console works when you are connected to the modem, replace the router.

Solution 4:  Check Whether The Xbox Live Service Is Offline

Your Xbox live services may be offline otherwise under maintenance and if it is the cause that generates the problem, you will have to wait till Microsoft services fix that.

So, as this may also be the root cause of the problem, make sure to check the status of the service.

Solution 5: Check The Validity Of Your Live Gold Membership

It is mandatory for the multiplayer on your Xbox console to subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold membership.

Some users may have applied for free trials and the time being may have expired and this may create the issue that Xbox one can’t finish multiplayer tests.

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 So, remember to check the validity of the membership period and subscribe immediately if the time got lapse.

Solution 6: Account Created Online

In case you had created an account online, you may have problems with your Xbox One console. You may run into problems if you have an account that was previously made online.

So, if you face any problem, you will have to go for some changes before continuing. There may be problems setting up your credentials.

Certain changes may fix up the problem instantly so, remember not to check this point if you are having Xbox one setup problems.

Solution 7: Check That Connection Is Not Restricted For Kids

Sometimes your child may face the problem of not being able to get connected to the internet.

If this is the case, then we will recommend you check the age-bar meant to be allowed to perform the task.

There are some account restrictions and age bars mentioned on Xbox One Console. So, make sure to go through the detailed instructions provided and then proceed to check whether any other issue is creating Xbox one setup problems.

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Closing Words

So, I hope by now, you are able to find out a suitable solution to – Xbox one can’t finish multiplayer tests and could get back online without any further issue.

If you still have queries related to this issue or any other folder, please communicate us in the comments section provided below.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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