Equalizer Tools For Windows 10 – Complete Guide

Equalizer Tools For Windows 10 – Complete Guide

In the earlier days, heavy instruments were used for Equalization. But now to get a desired balance between the audible frequency components, you have the handy equalizer apps as an equalizer for windows 10.

Within a few seconds, you can easily perform the task with your PC equalizer. With this modern app, you can now experiment with Base Management Surround, Equalizer, and access many other audio features.

But remember that the Efficiency of the effects of sound output depends on the dimension of your room and the kind of speakers. So, make sure to have suitable speakers installed.

Equalizer For Windows 10 For Balancing The Sound Output

You have equalizer for windows 10 reinstalled in your system along with the media player. When you cannot locate the equalizer in your system, you may download a sound driver to gain access to the settings.

It has gained its popularity for its flexibility and versatility all through. It is highly used for sound recording purposes for telecommunication systems.

Equalizers balance the output of sound from your PC to the speakers. There are many presets available for you to experiment with like – grunge party, pop, or metal.

Through this article, I am providing you a list of equalizer tools for your PC along with the features.

1: Equalizer APO

This Equalizer APO is a customizable and powerful Equalizer for Windows 10. This Equalizer is comparatively lightweight and minimal system resources are used by it.  That means it takes good care of your CPU usage too.

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Some Important Features Of Equalizer APO:

  • There is an ample number of filters you can use.
  • It is compatible with multi-channel use.
  • You can also use multiple profiles and an easy interface.
  • Equalizer APO comes with faster response times.
  • It supports 3D surround sound.

2: Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro is another popular tool that comes with a clean interface and is much user friendly. With this tool, you can switch from one program to another as per your choice.

Features of Equalizer Pro

  • You can freely increase the audio level without separately adjusting for each band.
  • With the Equalizer Pro tool, you can increase the low tones along with the overall audio level.
  • You can increase the overall audio sound without separately adjusting each band.
  • You can create custom presets for use with the programs with help of this tool.

3: Boom 3D

This equalizer is both for Mac and Windows. With Boom 3D, you can adjust the audio level with the slide of the finger.

This tool comes with a preset feature so that it matches with the different genres of music.

Some features of Boom 3D:

  • You can enjoy your favorite music album with fine-tune adjustments.
  • You will get access to the audio across several devices and app volume controller.
  • You can safely raise the volume level beyond the regular levels, and it has remarkable audio effects.
  • Boom 3D filters out the annoying background noise and enjoy a better gaming experience.

4: Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS technology provides you amazing listening experience. This equalizer gives you a thrilling experience with your movies, video games, or music.

Features of Bongiovi DPS

  • It improves the audio deficiencies and provides an overall enhancement of the quality of sound.
  • You can enjoy the much-improved acoustic technology
  • In the crowded environment also, it enhances the clarity of sound.
  • An automatic blending of music sound in one click.
  • Bongiovi DPS can normalize the volume to bring out the details as in theatres.
  • It comes with a new user interface.
  • You can take control of the bass and treble balance.

5: FxSound

The FxSound Windows 10 equalizer enables you to increase the sound for your favorite movies, music, interviews, podcasts, etc.

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You can afford this better quality of audio at a much cheaper rate compared to the expensive headphones or speakers.

Some features of FXSound

  • With the help of this equalizer tool, you can restore the lost quality (32-bit) floating-point processing.
  • You, Will, be able to set a better volume for your system.
  • You can adjust to a high-quality audio level in no time.

6: EQ – Audio Equalizer

EQ – Audio Equalizer is one of the classic audio equalizers. You can easily adjust the volume of the sound. You can enjoy the perfect sound on any website of your choice and preference. Thus, this audio equalizer is known for its flexibility and versatility.

Some Features:

  • You can create greater sound quality using this online equalizer.
  • It acts as a great equalizer while watching favorite videos on YouTube and you can easily adjust the audio level and play with the sound effects.
  • You get the privilege of one of the best sound qualities with EQ – Audio Equalizer.

7: WavePad Audio

WavePad is popular amongst Windows and Mac users. With the help of this tool, you can record and then modify your voice over, music, etc. You can enjoy audio effects such as Equalizer, amplify, reverse, reverb, normalizes, echo, etc.


  • It has restoration for noise reduction and clicks pop removal.
  • It helps you edit the audio from the video files.
  • WavePad supports WMA, WAV, VOX, GSM, MP3, etc.
  • You are capable of converting a huge number of files as one function with its Batch processing feature. And you can apply your preferred effects also.
  • WavePad performs directly with the MixPad Multi-Track Audio Mixer.

8: Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer –the Windows 10 audio equalizer provides you a better audio experience for your PC. You care enabled with remarkable audio control games, videos, music, browsers, etc.

Features of Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer can automatically adjust the volume dynamics and equalization.

With a Multi-band dynamic feature, it is highly recommended for the restoration of spectral balance to your segregated music library.

It has multiple look-ahead peak limiters, and this is capable of providing better transient.

With this equalizer, you are capable of adjusting volume dynamics and spectral balancing.

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9: EarTrumpet

For advanced volume control, EarTrumpet comes as a free app for Windows. EarTrumpet gives full support to the moving apps among the various playback devices. This tool provides you both classic and modern app volumes.

Some Important Features:

  • It provides you support for the Windows light and dark modes
  • You can control the audio device set by default very easily with few clicks.
  • Matches the look and feel of windows.
  • It is capable of managing all the audio settings in Windows

10: Graphic Equalizer Studio

You will be needing a basic knowledge of audio processing to operate this Graphic Equalizer Studio. This type of program requires at least basic audio processing knowledge. The tool provides real-time Equalization of all Digital Audio.


  • You get an automatic calculation of the band frequencies with some Octave selector.
  • This Equalizer Studio comes with programmable frequency along with the independent Band Calculator.
  • To reload all project data, configurations are saved in two accessible locations.
  • It is an automated tool for live audio.

11: Room EQ

Room EQ is a free room acoustics equalizer software. It enables you to measure and analyze room and loudspeaker effects. You can optimize your studio and home theater acoustics with the audio measurement feature of this tool.

Features of Room EQ:

  • It analyses room acoustics and audio performance much faster and accurately.
  • For a timing reference, you can another speaker or a loopback connection.
  • It comes with a real-time analyzer with octave resolution up to 1/48th.
  • This tool can display impulse response with an octave.
  • It allows you to frequency-dependent windowing.

12: PC Equalizer

PC Equalizer is very easy to handle the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows. You are capable of quickly and easily filter audio with this tool and can control left-right channels.


It has a multi-delays feature for creating a wider range of Delay, Echoes & Reverb.

PC Equalizer is capable of expanding or contracting the Stereo with the help of Pan processing.

It enables the preset to appear automatically when you take the control of the Equalizer.

13:   RealTime Equalizer

Real-time Equalizer is a handy equalizer for Windows 10. You can easily equalize like MP3 files with the help of this tool.

Some important Features of Real-time Equalizer:

  • Real-time Equalizer Equalizes files like MP3 files.
  • It releases latest version of RTEQ software on regular basis.
  • You can enjoy a spatial effect of the stereo music with the help of this tool.

Final Words

Here you are! Hope by now you can find out the best suitable Equalizer for your windows 10.

For any suggestions feel free to intimate us in the comments section below. We are always eager to receive feedback from you.

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