6 Most Essential Gaming Accessories for PC Gamers!

6 Most Essential Gaming Accessories for PC Gamers!

Just one decade ago, gaming was just a method of enjoyment or fun. A good gaming setup would cost a lot, and not many people could afford that.

But times have changed. The modern-day gaming industry has brought a positive revolution in this world. With so many multiplayer games and streaming platforms, gaming has become a breadwinner for many people. The genre of E-Sports has become popular with so many pro gamers who are young adults coming into the spotlight earning six figures. Also, with the introduction of streaming platforms, lots of people are trying to use their skills to earn some money.

With the advancement in technology, gaming pc and accessories have become so budget-friendly that the amount of player base has increased several folds.

Do you want to build a gaming setup? Here are the six most essential gaming accessories for PC gamers.

  • Gaming PC

If you want to become a gamer, you will need to have a PC that can handle the game very smoothly. You will not want device limitations to hinder your performance.

You can either own a gaming PC or a gaming laptop. This is probably the most expensive investment you need to make to build a gaming setup. A proper gaming system can range from 700 dollars to a few thousand.

Here is a guide for buying a gaming PC .

A PC dedicated to gaming can give you the best performance. However, you may not have the desk space present for a desktop, or you have to travel to places and you cannot move your PC everywhere.

For these kinds of situations, buying a gaming laptop is the best option for you. A gaming laptop can contain similar specs as a desktop but in a compact space. Smaller mobile versions of internal components are used to build it up.

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The compactness of these parts causes the laptop to perform a bit lower than its desktop counterpart. However, in exchange for that, it gives you the option of portability.

In case you are wondering what laptop to buy, check out this list of best gaming laptops .

  • Gaming Chair

What is the meaning of gaming if you cannot play comfortably? If you are aspiring to

become a competitive pro gamer, you need to work hard. You need to practice to keep getting better at the game continually.

When you are sitting in front of your computer for prolonged hours, you need to be in a comfortable position so that your body does not ache while playing. This can distract you from giving the maximum performance.

Gaming chairs are specifically designed for the comfort of pro gamers. These chairs can be tilted back to about 180 degrees; there is a dedicated neck cushion and a lower back cushion so that your body does not get strained or have any long-term effects.

  • LED Monitor

Where is the fun of playing the game if you cannot experience all the beautiful and realistic visuals that the developers have created for you for so many years?

The latest generation of AAA titles by companies like Ubisoft has given us open-world, incredibly realistic games. Your CPU may have the processing power to show you these visuals, but you will never get the full experience without a good monitor.

Then comes the issue of frame rate. The greater the frame rate of the game, the smoother the gameplay will be. So, you will need a monitor with a higher refresh rate. If your PC can run a game at 60+ Hz, but you have a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate, then you will experience some screen tearing. That might affect your gameplay.

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Buying a LED monitor is highly recommended. They are specially designed for gaming. They have very low input lag, can highly illuminate dark areas, and have very good distance scaling capability.

  • Wired Gamepads

There has been a constant debate over which is better, gamepads or keyboard and mouse? The battle keeps on going, but gamers choose their playstyle and play with the method they want to.

Some games have their controls designed so that they can be played with a gamepad only. In other cases, some gaming conventions have playstyle restricted to gamepads.

Then there are consoles like XBOX and PS5, which are gamepad exclusive. So, to play all sorts of games, you will need a gamepad. Wired gamepads are preferred as they have low input lag. Make sure that the wire is long and robust and the gamepad has vibrational feedback.

  • Headset

No matter whatever you are doing, gaming, or listening to music, good audio is necessary. A good set of headsets will allow you to listen to the surrounding sound, which is a great advantage in shooter games.

There are a few things you need to check before buying a pair of gaming headsets. Firstly, you need to see if the integrated microphone delivers clear sound.

Secondly, you need to make sure your headset has the right audio calibrations. Dedicated gaming headsets are designed differently than normal headsets. Something like an extra bass boost can be distracting.

Thirdly, you need to check if the headphones are comfortable or not. You need to use it for prolonged hours. So, make sure that you buy well-fitting headphones.

  • Fiber-optic broadband
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Online gaming has gained a lot of popularity these days. There has been a constant rise in multiple shooter games like first-person shooters and battle royale. So, we conclude our list of the six most essential accessories for PC gamers with fiber-optic broadband.

Competitive games these days are held online. So, you will need a high-speed internet connection to play the game without any lags.

The difference in latency can be a dangerous thing when it comes to competitive online gaming. Your movement will not register, and someone else will come and casually kill you. If you press your fire button, your bullets may not register, and you will die. That is why you need high-speed internet.

Nowadays, fiber optic broadband is the best option to get low latency and lag-free gameplay. Optical fiber cables have extremely high rates of data transfer. With the advancement in technology, optical fiber internet connections have become cheap and easily available. This super-fast internet will let you play and stream games without any difficulty.


This concludes our list of essential gaming accessories.

If you want to take gaming seriously, then these are the essentials needed for that. Some of them are costly, but with efficient savings, these can be long-term investments.

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