40 Best Rainmeter Clock Skins For Windows 10 PC!

40 Best Rainmeter Clock Skins For Windows 10 PC!

Rainmeter is a quite cool and smart option to customize the look of your Windows. It reflects your taste and preferences the way you personalize your Desktop.

Rainmeter Skin is one of the most popular apps for customizing the Desktop and to obtain certain information about the files, system, web sites in Rainmeter, we choose to add measures in a skin. You can also check out the best Regular Rainmeter Skins here 

In today’s article, I am going to discuss some popular best Rainmeter clock skins for windows 10 PC

Why Should You Use Rainmeter Clock Skins?

You may choose to add rainmeter clock skins to keep a track of the date and time along with the month.

Besides, you can check the information regarding the CPU & RAM monitors, calendar, battery, or hard disk.

Here in this article, I am jotting down some of the reputed and well acknowledged Rainmeter Clock Skins to meet your choice & preferences. Check this out!

1. Semplice Rainmeter Suite Rainmeter Skin

With its amazing features, you can keep a track of the date, time, mails along with the weather forecast reports!

For personalizing your desktop with this beautiful clock skin is highly acceptable and praiseworthy.

The large, bold font shows you the date and time without a hassle and always keeps you updated. If you look for something simple yet elegant, go for this.

Download here

2. PolarPrecise Rainmeter Skin

The Precise Rainmeter Skin adds arcs to enhance the beauty of your Desktop.

If you wish to try something funky and innovative, you may go for this. You have so many options to choose from, adding boldness to the Windows.

With the help of the arcs in the Polarprecise Rainmeter skin. You can keep a track of the month along with the time and date.

Many youngsters choose to use this skin for customizing their desktop using this

Download PolarPrecise Rainmeter Skin

3. Neoclock Rainmeter Skin

If some classic look is your preference, I will recommend Neoclock Rainmeter Skin for you.

This elegant Rainmeter skin is supercool offering the neon themed stylish clock widget. As per your taste and preferences you can change and set the designs.

This clock skin offers you’re a wide variety of designs to choose from to meet your desire.

So, with this charming and cool skin, you can customize the clock according to your preference.

Besides, you can also alter the size and move the clock to some referred place on your desktop.

Click here to download

4. ASTROClock Rainmeter Skin

This amazing rainmeter clock widget will notify you of the time of the sunrise and sunset besides giving you the exact time & date. Its pretty cool to give you a feel of the Universe on your desktop.

You can customize the size and time-variant of this amazing clock widget. It is introduced with an easy user interface.

You are never unaware of the exact time and can also check the position of the Sun and the Moon within 24 hours using this rainmeter time skin.


5. 8-Bit Clock Rainmeter Skin

For upgrading the look of the Windows many users are opting for the best rainmeter clock.

This amazing clock widget gives a unique and high tech look to your windows.

The rainmeter clock skins are randomly used by avid gamers and they prefer to customize their Windows in innovative ways. With the 8-Bit Clock Rainmeter Skin, you can keep the track of the time in a completely new way.


6. Clean World Clock Rainmeter Skin

This clock widget offers you the opportunity to keep a track of the time of your friends or relative living abroad.

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You can check their times as and when you wish to. When you select the time zone you can check the time in simple font style.

The skin will show you the simplest font for the time according to the selected time zones.

You have options to alter the time zones and can choose up to four time zones for your display.


7. Lim!t [1.2]

This offers a simple user-friendly suite for customization. As the value grows the text gets filled up.

Like when the minutes pass, the hour’s text gets filled up or as the hours pass, the hours get past, the AM/PM text-filled up.

Besides, you get the view of the weather temperature shown by three bars of different colors. The blue stands for the low temperature, gold for the current, and red for high temperatures.

You can easily scale the skins and improvise as per your choice and preferences.


8. Carbon Rainmeter Skin

This is a simple clock with a user interface that gives you relevant information via outer rings.

Just click on the clock to get information regarding CPU & RAM monitors, calendar, battery, hard disk, or the Wi-Fi screen.

If you want an easy and simple display, this one will be the best choice for you.  If minimalism is your choice better opt for this.

Click here to Download

9. Minimal Topography

Minimal Topography is easy to customize and you can easily change the fonts & color.

The clock here is right-aligned and you can set the time to either 24 hours or 12 hours format.

One of the interesting features is that this clock skin uses low computer resources.

Click here to download

10. Binary Clock Skin

The Binary Clock skin is introduced with four versions like binary coded decimal in HH/MM/SS or HH/MM; or in H/M/S or H/M.

You can customize the color, size, or spacing as per your choice as the skin is displayed using no static image.

This is a great skin as reviewed by many users for the easy to handle user interface.

Download Binary Clock Skin

11. Elegant Clock Skin

The Elegant clock is available in Black and white. This clock skin is simply decent and elegant as the name suggests.

You can choose from a wide variety of font and color scheme. With this large, displayed clock on your desktop, you can easily check out the date and day without appearing messy or cluttered.

If you want it neat and clean, I will recommend you go for it. It will be a perfect choice for you then.


12. Arcs Rainmeter Skin

If you are fond of arcs you can choose this clock skin. Besides you can check information about your internet usage, RAM usage, CPU, using this clock widget. You will get an analog clock in between. To add wings to your improvisation, you are offered a song progress bar. If you are a music lover you will enjoy this sort of masterpiece.

Download Arcs

13. Psycho Rainmeter Skin

The design is quite strange as the name suggests and looks like planet Mars. The clock hands are shaped like knives and swords that keep rotating.

The hour and minute hands are shaped like cleaver and carving knife while the second hand represents a sword.

It gives you a nonconventional clock skin experience and if you wish to try something innovative and experimental, this is a good choice for you.

Download Psycho Rainmeter Skin here

14. Wot Tank Clock Rainmeter Skin

If you are a World of Tanks fan, this Rainmeter Clock skin is designed exclusively for you!

It resembles a tank as the hand of the clock. This clearly shows that WOT Tank Clock Rainmeter skin got inspiration from the game.

Besides they have chosen the green color intelligently resembling the color of the army tanks and you will get to see an icon for the second’s hand.

The rear of the tank represents the hour hand, and the cannon side indicates the minute hand.

Click to download

15. MemoDijay Rainmeter Skin

The MemoDijay Rainmeter skin comes with interesting features for your desktop.

Besides keeping a track of the time and date as the usual clock, with the help of this suite you can check messages, emails at your convenience.

To add to your entertainment while working you can also enjoy music. This exciting and innovative clock skin is launched with an amazing UI theme to give a special touch to your Desktop.


16. Something’s Fishy Clock Rainmeter Skin

As the name suggests, Something’s Fishy Clock Rainmeter skin is a pretty selection for you.

You can see a cat sitting over a bowl where the clock is. Besides, you can choose from a wide variety of options for editing.

This clock widget is praised for its unique clock feature and innovative ideas to decorate your window screen.

Click to Download

17. Steampunk Watch Rainmeter Skin

If you are interested in steam-powered machines from the 19th century, you may surely choose this rainmeter skin clock to satisfy your taste.

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The steampunk genre is inspired by that era of steam machines and the clock also represents the theme.

For personalizing your desktop, you can choose this clock widget. You get a Stempunk clock to check the time and personalize your desktop with this skin.


18. Black Rolex Rainmeter Skin

If you are obsessed with Rolex watches, you can opt for this impressing, luxurious clock skin.

This Rainmeter clock skin looks expensive and fabulous to give a tasteful décor to your Desktop.

The black Rolex dial gives a fantastic impression with a fully functional feature to enhance the beauty of your display.

Click to Download

19. Reverse Shape Clock

This is a fun clock skin that is shaped in a reversed way. Yes! As you get it from the name, you get a reversed analog clock to personalize your Desktop.

With a smarter user interface along with the clock, it automatically changes the color according to your wallpaper. Besides, you have options to set these yourself also.


20. Cronotopo Rainmeter Clock Skin

Lucamennoia has developed this innovative and interesting Clock skin for Rainmeter.

This has an amazing appeal that gives you a unique feel with a stylish spinning ball for improving the visuals.

In case you are looking for something minimal but impressive you can go for this display décor.  It is not only about time and date but all about showcasing your taste and preferences.

Download here

21. Text Clock 1.2 Rainmeter Skin

Morley From Deviantart developed this and I can describe this clock skin a simple, useful yet innovative.

You get to see the time in text form, and you have a vast variety of wallpapers to choose from. It is comparatively a lightweight clock but gives a good look indeed.

So, if you are looking for something cool yet useful, choose this Rainmeter clock skin.

Click to download

22. RKS Aevum Clock

This rainmeter clock skin is stylish showcasing a retro clock design. To meet your fancy, taste this clock is perfectly designed for you.

RKS Aevum time skin gives your Windows a nice retro look and you can choose from so many options to personalize the look!

Being user friendly, you can easily handle the customization and give your Desktop an organized and good look.


23. Momento Rainmeter Skin

If you are looking for a minimal yet useful option for your desktop, Momento Rainmeter skin shall be a good choice for you.

Its minimalistic theme will calm and relax you. Besides giving a soothing impression, your desktop will get a lot of innovative features.

The digital clock has a clean font, with a weather widget, text calendar, and app launcher bar to increase productivity.


24. eTech Rainmeter Skin

Snooze from Deviant Art developed this and ETech Rainmeter clock skin is like a circular monitoring widget.

Its display gives you information of time and date along with CPU and RAM storage, power usage, WiFi status, etc.

You can see it all in a circle that represents the clock! You will get two variants of the theme. One is black and the other is white in color.


25. Miui Analog Clock Widget

This Rainmeter clock resembles the clock you use for your MI Smartphone.

You can choose the same for your desktop. This rainmeter clock skin has a black material color for adding some extra beauty to your display.

For changing the color, you can simply click twice at the center of the clock. It has minimum but useful features you can easily handle to personalize the Desktop.


26. Caruso Clock Rainmeter Skin

This is a simple yet beautiful clock skin for your desktop. Caruso Clock is comparatively small and you can fit it anywhere on your screen.

It is quite handy in an Analog format. You have six different colors to choose from for the skin.

By tapping in the center, you can carry on changing the color and look. You can simply tap in the center, and it will change the color of your clock.


27. Clock with Date Rainmeter Skin

You can experiment with the look of your display with this clock skin. If you like a surreal look for the clock, this one will be the best option for you.

You can well combine the unusual look to add wings to your imagination. The clock shows you the time and date with an analog display.

You can see a note written along with the date and day. You can get refreshed seeing the smiley on the note adding an extra dose of cuteness!

28. PriceDown Rainmeter Skin

This clock widget is simple, realistic yet popular. One of the innovative features is that you can keep the track of the time and date in the language of yours.

This skin will help you to keep track of time, and now the skin is available in every language.

You can choose up for any of the two variants that are provided to you, and the first one will show you the time in the 24-hour format along with the date and the second will show you the time in 12-hour format and date under that.

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29. Relojes Kawaii

You have so many fun options to experiment with while adding a clock to your display windows.

Relojes Kawaii skin shows you time in two ice cream cones. The ice crème cones are amidst clouds along with a rainbow or sometimes you can find them inside a cute cat’s imagination.

The clock is quite simple and straight with not many experiments. You can easily track the time with its straightforward feature.


30. Accent Clock Rainmeter Skin

When you wish to have a clock to show you time more often choose this clock skin. With some big digits display, you can simply check the time.

This Clock Rainmeter skin also shows you the year, month date, or day at the same time.

The time look is digital yet much useful if you don’t have much time to go for experiments and wish to keep it simple.


31. NXT-OS

NXT-OS is developed by Mrsalogo.  If some complex sort of a clock skin is your choice with lots of useful features, this is designed exclusively for you. It’s perfect for a clean and futuristic desktop.

NXT-OS offers you minimal skin displays and turns out to be a complete package to sort out all your needs and preferences at one go.

You can check the Date & Time, weather forecast, and also enjoy features like Calculator, system resources, notes, or visualizer along with music to enhance your satisfaction. Check this out!


32. Beta Clock Rainmeter Skin

When you are searching for one of the best suitable Rainmeter time skins, Beta Clock is a good option for you.

This clock skin will swipe away all your boredom while checking time. The elegant clock is without a frame with clear markings. It’s an eye candy for you that is appealing and minimal in approach.


33. Minimal Circles Rainmeter Clock Skin

This is a cool choice to personalize your Desktop. Circle Clock Rainmeter Skin is introduced with three variants from where you can choose to give an impressive effect to your display.

With straightforward yet beautiful skin, you can easily optimize. One of the variants shows you time using bubbles.

The other one shows you information regarding time, RAM usage, CPU usage using three bubbles and the third variant gives you all the information within two circles, one inscribed within the other.


34. Polyclock Rainmeter Skin

PolyClock rainmeter skin shows you time in a diamond clock and you can read that without any hassle. That gives your desktop a decent and elegant look.

It’s quite straightforward, cool, and gives you a clear precision. It is minimal yet useful and enchanting. If you want something of this straight and simple approach you can go for this.


35. Day Night Clock

The day night rainmeter Clock skin is a simple yet elegant choice to enhance the look of your desktop.

The display shows you the accurate time in the form of a clock. The interesting feature is that the clock is within a background that can be changed to know if it’s day or night.

Besides it gives a beautiful look as a whole and with it’s minimal approach it is highly accepted amongst the Rainmeter clock skin users.

36. Simplistic Clock Rainmeter Skin

If you prefer to go simple this Simplistic Clock Rainmeter Skin will be a better option for you.

In your hustle and bustle of daily life, you can use this simplest form of clock skin to check the time and date as per your requirements.

You will get the current time & date in the simple DD/MM/YYYY in a 24-hour format. You are provided with just two-color options – black and white to personalize the desktop as per your choice and preferences.


37. Countdown Clock Transparent

In this is a Rainmeter plugin you will get to see a countdown digital clock that shows you time in an hour and minute format.

The specially designed timer keeps a track of the time in case you are having time limits.

So, with Countdown Transparent Rainmeter Skin you can simply fulfill the basic clock skin need in a simple straightforward manner.


38. Corner Clock v1.0 Rainmeter Skin

If you wish for a clock skin that shows you time even from a distance, you can choose this option.

The unique clock displays time in bold and huge fonts using distinctive colors for making it visible from a distance.

You can optimize and change the size of the skin, color. Besides, you also have options for resetting the angle of the clock.

It’s fun and simple to keep the track of the time using this rainmeter skin.

Click to Download

39. Dresses Rainmeter Skin

This elegant and simple Rainmeter Clock skin is perfect for personalizing your desktop.

If you prefer something decent and minimal, this will be a great option for you.

The time is displayed in a circle and there is an ‘It is’ tag before the time to show you the time in an authentic, precise manner. You have options to change the color from black to white or vice versa.


40. Roman Style Clock Skin

Roman-style Rainmeter clock skin is elegant and gives a decent look to your desktop.

If the Roman Styled clock is on your wish list, choose this clock widget to meet your preferences. Its pleasing, sophisticated look reflects your taste & preferences.

The color scheme is simply designed in white and red with an environment reflecting ancient Roman times. Altogether this is highly appealing, appreciable and one of the best Rainmeter clock skin.



So, I hope by now, you could find out suitable Rainmeter clock skins for personalizing your desktop.

If you still have queries related to this issue or some other issues, please communicate with us in the comments section provided below.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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