30 Best Google Chrome Themes For Windows 10 PC

30 Best Google Chrome Themes For Windows 10 PC

Your Chrome theme not only refreshes your mind but also reflects your personality and preferences.

Google Chrome comes with a wide variety of themes from every segment and an endless customization option.

There are nature themes, dark themes to some assorted brighter themes to satisfy your taste-bud.

Keeping the vast varieties of choice and preferences in mind, here I am assembling some top Google Chrome themes exclusively for you!

Some Top Google Chrome Themes

The Chrome themes change the entire appearance of your UI. When you want to get the dynamic view just go to a new tab and check.

You can customize the look with bright wallpapers, custom toolbars, and experiment by changing the themes often.

Here are some assorted top Google Chrome themes for you. I have segregated them into categories to make the search easier for you. Check this out!

  •  Africa

 1. African Sunset

It seems like the whole of Africa is entrapped in a single shot! The dark, saffron African sunset is not only attractive but also enthralling.

This resembles the famous Big Five – The five animals of South Africa that were hunt on foot.

The all these animals – Lion, elephant, leopard, Cape Buffalo, and Rhinoceros are magnificently used in the theme!

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2. Explore

As the name suggests, this theme probably takes us on an expedition to explore the beauty of African themes.

The surreal beauty along with a splash of bright hue yet rejuvenating! For refreshing your mind, you can set this amazing theme for Chrome. Check the link provided below!

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  • Nature

1. Autumn Leaves

Autumn is Keats ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’! This is the first theme that attracted me the most.

You will get a bright, enchanting view of fiery leaves. You are going to love this Amber-ish Autumn with a glimpse of the clear blue sky.

The fiery leaves are going to ignite the passion and love for nature and refresh your mind while working.

When you are searching for the Google Chrome themes, try this exclusive bright autumn click!

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2. Blue Rose

This romantic blue rose theme is ideal for refreshing the mind while sitting in front of your Computer with loads of work.

The sweet, blue flower with droplets of water on it cools your mind. You can freely download the theme with free updates for a lifetime.

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3. Black Tulip 1

The bulbous tulips give a fresh effect to your screen with a blurred background effect.

The subdued colors add an extra charm to the theme with a praiseworthy framing of the photography! This fantastic view of the exotic flower is sorted out for you from the Google Chrome themes.

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  • Landscape

1. Beautiful Landscape

If you are a nature lover and a daydreamer, you are going to love this theme for sure.

A calm, soothing wallpaper that is going to take you to the beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains.

The waterfalls and the greenery are going to steal your heart.

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2. Colorado Mountains

This is another delightful view that you are going to get. The beautiful snow-covered peaks with a view of the lake in front refresh and soothe the mind.

As Marianne Moore once described mountains to be ‘unimagined delicacy’, you will get a view of such mysterious creation of nature!

Apart from giving you a lovely view, it is definit4ely going to relax your mind amidst work.

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3. Pyramids

If you love pyramids and the ancient mystery of Egypt, you are going to get enchanted with this theme.

You will get the view of pyramids with every new tab. The theme will reveal the Egyptian pyramids of Giza!

The amusing view is praised by the history and adventure lovers and there is a touch of mystery everywhere!

So, when you are searching for the best Google Chrome theme, this one may be a perfect choice,

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  • Crazy Drives

1. Lamborghini Cherry

A wide variety of cars have been introduced by Lamborghini and this one is one of the most cherished cars ever.

Cars are always the first choice for many when you come to themes and one of the best Google Chrome themes.

That is why I have sorted out this specially designed model to satisfy your taste in cars.

It gives you a feeling of a wild long journey in the red Lamborghini Cherry of your dreams!

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2. Ford Cars Dark

The blue ford is a symbol of desire and ecstasy. The dark sky, grey road, and the splash of the blue color make a fantastic view for car lovers.

The picture itself is a treat to look at! The combination is really attractive, and the picture is well framed.

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  • Birds & Animals

1. Birds

Now this colorful creation of nature is going to add a warm hue to your eyes.

Together with the splash of nature and the colorful birds, your screen is going to be much attractive and illuminating!

You can try this out to get relieved from the boredom of work and refresh your mind with it.

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2. Penguin Huddle

This is a lovely view of Penguins curling up to keep themselves warm. It is an amazing view from the nature store sorted exclusively for you.

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The cute theme is exclusively for nature lovers. The family of penguins is a cool grey finish that calms and refreshes your mind for sure.

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3. Birds- Flying Owl

This awesome pic of the flying owl is cool and relaxing. As a whole, the picture gives a fresh and soothing effect to the work strained eyes.

The subdued pastel background adds some extra charm to the picture. If you liked it, just click on the link provided below to set the theme.

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4. Animals- Leopard

The symbol of power, speed, fright, and elegance for you. For those who love to keep a warm, wild, and terrific effect to their desktop, try this theme!

This not only beautifies your screen to the extreme but also re-defines your personality! Check the below-mentioned link to set it as your theme.

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5. Animals- Elephant

When sketching out the theme for animals, how can I forget the noble, quiet animal like an elephant!

I know elephants are adored by animal lovers are this particular picture in black and white is decent and sophisticated.

A lovely, adorable, and soothing theme exclusively from the house of Chrome for you.

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6. Cat and Dog

This theme is for cats and dog lovers! The cute Lasa sitting and gazing with its cat friend also symbolizes that true friendship knows no bars.

It’s quite an unusual scene for the cats and dogs sitting together. The cute theme refreshes your mind and also gives a soothing effect to your screen while working.

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  • Mystery

1. Girl With A Lantern

This adventurous theme is quite experimental and is going to give you a bit of mysterious sort of feeling.

You can see a girl walking amidst a forest holding a lantern. The forest is dark only a portion gets enlightened by the lantern.

If you are an adventure lover, you are going to love this theme.

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2. Sherlock Holmes

Here is the detective from London- our all-time favorite Sherlock Holmes. The mystery to solve the mysteries is unfolded by the theme.

Among the top Chrome themes, I may suggest you this handpicked one to quench your thirst for the detective story-based theme.

Holmes the reluctant and eccentric celebrity is captured exclusively for the mystery lovers. Check this out.

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3. Galaxy Aero 1440p

You will get a galaxy backdrop along with the transparent tab view. You will find the page text to be white or gray and the bookmark text and the tab text are blue.

This theme is going to make your travel in the galaxy and get a really satisfying view.

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4. Soma Amnesia

For those who are nostalgic about the Dark Descent video games, horror games, or fictional games, this theme is exclusively for them.

The picture is going to give you goosebumps! The darkness, forest ambiance are mysterious, and one gets drowned in the atmosphere.

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  • Dark Nights

1. Moonlit Reflection

This theme created by DeviantArt displays a calm moonlit night. The rippling water reflects the moon and the tree giving an illusionary effect.

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The crisp reflection makes the view spectacular and enchanting. The tree sketches out a lonely circumference adding a touch of melancholy.

The night sky along with the entire view is a treat to your eyes.

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2. Night Time In New York City

The theme captures the bright night city life of New York in one frame! The lovely, illuminated theme is surely going to make your screen not only attractive but unique.

The lights are like thousands of glow worms enlightening the city with their beam. The busy city nightlife of the city is well narrated through the theme for sure.

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3. Winter Night In Moonlight

The snow-clad winter night view is a treat to the eyes. The color blue dominates the frame giving a cool, calm, effect of the chilly nights.

The lights from the windows of the houses complement the theme along with the moonbeam-drenched land.

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  • Anime

1. Naruto

How can I forget to mention this popular wallpaper theme for you! These themes give a Naruto background for the fans.

You also have features like – to-do tasks, sticky notes, reminders, etc. Some handpicked Naruto themes are assembled by Google exclusively for you.

Here I am mentioning one of such assorted themes. You may check this out!

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2. Anime Flower

The pretty lady is having one blue eye and one yellow but beautiful for sure!

The yellow flowers, petals, and the look in the eyes are pretty hard to ignore. This is anime flower version 1.0 by toxic.

If you are an anime lover, you may once try his theme for your desktop.

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  • Superheroes

1. Iron Man

The iron man theme is one of the most popular themes used by people around the world besides the dedicated fans of Iron Man.

When you are searching for the best Google Chrome themes, this one is suggested by many.

The theme is created by Artem Viirta and an amazing piece of art indeed!

This one picture conceives the concept, mystery, and adventure of your superhero in a nutshell.

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2. The Avengers

This is the marvel avengers assemble theme for fantasy lovers. The picture depicts the team of superheroes with the Hulk, Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

The theme is exclusively designed keeping in mind the popularity of the famous characters. Check this out!

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  • Minimalistic

1. Beautiful Bird On A Hand

This is a pretty simple theme with a tropical colourful bird on hand. The touch of a bright hue on the bird makes the theme attractive.

This theme is appropriate for resolution up to 1920×1200. The theme reflects simplicity as well as gives a refreshing impression.

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2. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Here is the minimalistic theme for the nostalgic Star Wars era from episode VII: BB-8.

The design is pretty simple yet fascinating. For those who wish to keep the screen simple yet fulfill the nostalgic fetish for your likings, this theme is just for you.

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3. Minimalist Theme V2

This minimalistic theme with a well-organized yet abstract theme to calm your mind.

For those who prefer a simple but unique screen, this theme is perfect for you. Besides the patterns and definition of colors is quite impressive!

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Winding Up

So, I hope by now, you could find out top Google Chrome themes from the given article.

If you still have queries related to this issue or any other folder, please communicate with us in the comments section provided below.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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